The last 48 hours or so have seen a profound lack of interest by the antique media in the running down of pedestrians in a small Jewish neighborhood in San Francisco by a muslim. They have been quick to dismiss the incident as having anything to do with islamofascism and everything to do with the young man in question being crazy. Right. Here is where I ran across the story, and through the links and updates, have been following it: Horror On San Francisco Streets.

The followup on that story led to a tag search here on WordPress on “Islamofascism” and a link to a thinkpiece at The Bos’un Locker called Know The Enemy and all about the underpinning philosophy of the current Al Qaida types. I commented that, if my understanding of my reading so far is correct, that these guys are Sunni types. Added some additional references that I have run across that show the evolution of the Shi’ite branch, which were outlined in a previous post, Found In My Inbox. Bos’un then sent me back another fascinating and eye opening link about the hezbo’s activities in the Americas, Does Hezbollah have the ability to strike the US?. Good Reading.

It is five years after 9-11 and we all need to learn as much as we can about this enemy. He is long term, and no matter what party is in office, he is going to be there. We cannot wish him away, or ignore him. As this weblog continues, it becomes clear to me that part of my evolving mission is to point as many people as possible to original sources or sources that reference the originals, online, so that we can get beyond the media “story of the moment” mentality. I hope these links help.


The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make.

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  1. Thank you for your comments at The Bosun Locker. I have added you to my blog-roll. I posted a response to Jay over at Stop the ACLU about Know the Enemy. My comments there seem to be appropriate here, so:

    After I first read it (Know the Enemy), it gnawed at me. The problems we are facing are complex. We better start to understand it and come up with some answers. We have to look at the problems that we are faced with from many different angles to come up with what is going on.

    Remember back to the days after 09/11/2001, the media and “experts” kept saying that 15 of the 19 hijackers were duped into the roles thinking that they were only going to hijack some unsuspecting travelers for ransom or something.

    Five years later, we are beginning to wrap our arms around the fact that a dozen, two dozen, three dozen, or much more Islamists could sacrifice themselves for 72 virgins and a ticket to paradise.

    We are going to have to “Gestalt” this problem that is facing the free world and think outside the narrow scope of our preconceived notions.

    Each time I re-read Rod’s commentary, it still gnaws at me. If we do not come to some terms of understanding, like every great society of the past, we are destined to extinction (like every great civilization in the past on planet earth.)


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