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My first post.  As the default tag line reads, “Just another weblog”.  One of thousands out there now.  I got here from reading a post by bookworm in The American Thinker.  I started a blog several months ago on Google’s free site, but became disappointed at the censorship/hate speech issues that kept cropping up, most of all their position on Chinese censorship, so I closed it down.  A search of “free” blogsites didn’t turn up anything appealing, so it’s been watch and wait.  Today it paid off when I finished bookworm’s article and saw the link to wordpress.  But, what’s more fascinating is the confluence of events that got me to bookworm’s blog. 

I’m celebrating Independence day, bar-b-q, shuttle liftoff, and this.  The other day I read Alexandra von Maltzan’s moving tribute to her father and was nearly moved to tears.  Her writing style is polished and unique, and she has the most eye catching site I’ve seen, full of beautiful artwork.  While there, I also read the previous post, “Total War“, which linked to one of my favorite blogs, The American Thinker.  And that’s how I found bookworm and came across “The First Crypto-Conservative/Neo-Conservative Carnival“.  As a former long-haired, dope smoking,…., it rang my bell.  While not a “crypto”, I am “neo” as my epiphany moment was when, while stoned, I heard on NPR that Jimma had given away the Panama Canal.  While it took several years to get me to the point of voting for the great Ronaldus Magnus, I still remember that moment as the start of a lot of questioning and thinking.  But I guess I am a “quiet” conservative- strongly believing in setting an example rather than forcing my opinion on others, I will if engaged, let my thoughts be known.  This has been very disconcerting to some of my liberal acquaintances at times.  They hear through the grapevine that “he’s conservative- he listens to Rush Limbaugh!”.  I don’t walk around acting like an ogre.  In fact, I was raised to be polite and considerate of others and I normally work and play well with my co-workers.  So when they broach certain topics, I think they are often waiting for me to sprout horns, get out my pitchfork and spit fire.  When I speak in a normal tone of voice, just conversing, but stating my point of view, it can be surprising to those that don’t know me yet.

After voting for Reagan in 1980, though, I knew that his beliefs spoke to me, but I was sort of rudderless.  During this time I kept hearing and reading about this idiot, Rush Limbaugh, who was really tearing up the radio waves and was just full of hate and racism, homophobia and general venom.  A real snake in the grass.  Keep in mind, CNN was the only alternative to the antique media.  I can remember articles in Time, Newsweek, and reports on the evening news shows about this mean spirited ultra-right wing conservative. 

Then, our local blowtorch decided to pick him up after a disastrous experiment with a local potty-mouth shock type dj.  The callers were outraged, a group of investors bought out a weakened local station and started a new talk radio alternative, complete with many of the dj’s fleeing from the blowtorch.  I wanted nothing to do with a man who was probably the next thing to a nazi or white supremacist.  Then, by accident, one day Rush was on, and while doing something else, I listened and heard nothing that I found to be very outrageous, in fact, I found myself agreeing.  Then I realized, he was echoing what I already thought!  This was during the Hillary secret meeting healthcare take over debates.  Rush even suggested that listeners read the bill.  I went to the library to do that, and everything he said was in it was there: assigning physicians to specialties and setting up “district” type areas, like medicare does, and forcing everyone to be a part of the plan in that area.  He even used one technique that really appealed to me, illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

Rush taught me how to listen, read, think, and analyze what we are fed by the MSM, and most of the time it is only part of the story or a very slanted viewpoint.  Until Rush made it apparent, I had never realized how biased the media truly were without being aware of it.  I’m sure millions of others thought the same way, because now we finally have a readily available alternative- the blogosphere.  If you have read this far with me without becoming apoplectic, you have probably had similar difficulties finding reliable information.  My first experience with alternative publishing was Drudge.  It has now gotten to the point where I don’t even read an antique media publication unless I get there through a link.  My point of view is conservative, why should I waste my time reading liberally slanted media that can’t even admit their bias?

Daniel Okrent, the former ombudsman of the paper, delicately explains how the Times leans left. He naturally stops short of saying anything insidious, and in a May 2006 interview I heard with him on National Public Radio, he recanted much of this saying he regretted the first few words of his piece: “Of course it is.”

from:  The American Thinker , “The Worst of (the) Times”, July 3rd, 2006

I became “addicted” to NewsBusters during the last year.  It has something for everyone, including liberals, who like to come on and debate (and sometimes just rage and spit invective, making no sense).  They have a large list of contributing bloggers that keep their eyes on the MSM, many of them through the MRC (Brent Bozell’s outfit).  These bloggers are quality writers and many of them contribute to the discussions on the comment boards.  NewsBusters became my homepage, then I added The American Thinker and Counterterrorism blog to tabs next to NewsBusters.  The American Thinker got added due to mentions by Rush and posters at NB, and when I got to reading it, realized that some of the same people I enjoyed reading at NB were also on TAT.  Counterterrorism Blog was a result of a “conversation” with an NB poster that mentioned a guy named Bill Roggio and TF 145 and how the TF 145 guys are some of the true unsung heroes that we often hear about.  Counterterrorism blog has a library, where I ran across information that placed alQaeda in Iraq prior to the invasion and gave the lie to politicians claiming to not know that alQaeda was using Iraq as part of it’s strategy- i.e. “Bush is creating terrorists”. 

And that’s how I got here- Noel Sheppard on NB has a habit of replying to comments on the boards, which I found encouraging, as well as an ego boost to an old, never before writer.  Well, after commenting on a blog by this woman named Alexandra von Maltzan, she also replied to my comments.  Well, Noel is one thing, but, being male, “Alexandra” is a whole ‘nother kind of ego boost.  So I checked out her site and, as I’ve told her, the artwork drew me in- I’m real visually oriented.  But the quality and style of her writing made me put All Things Beautiful as my next tab.  And that’s how I followed the link that got me to bookworm and this blogsite.

That’s the beauty of today’s news:  read what you find absorbing and insightful.  The good ones are full of links that send you off on all sorts of side trips that help to fill in the picture.  That’s why the libs are gnashing their teeth and screaming so:  this is not China where a few elite intelleckshuals can dictate the information that is passed to the public.  We have the ability to go and find it ourselves now.  That’s part of the freedom that is ours.  God bless America!

Check out these videos at various sites- turn up the volume and get out a tissue or two:

Only Angels Have Wings

Fourth of July Tribute

Memorial Day Video

Tribute to the Troops

Shuttle Lift Off – the first time on July 4.

And read about what the founders sacrificed after signing the Declaration of Independence.  Note:  Rush doesn’t usually give this stuff away, so you may have to sign up to get it after this week, but it’s free right now.

America:  Home of the free because of the brave.


The future is not set.  There is no fate but what we make. 

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